Friday, February 20, 2009

Cpanel /scripts folder with explanation of every script.

starts with /scripts/

adddns - Adds a DNS zone.
addfpmail - Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.
addfpmail2 -Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.
addnetmaskips - Add the netmask to all IPs that have no netmask.
addnobodygrp - Adds the group nobody and activates security.
addpop - Add a Pop Account.
addservlets - Add JSP support to an account (requires tomcat).
addstatus - (Internal use never called by user).
adduser - Add a user to the system.
admin - Run WHM Lite.
apachelimits - Add rlimits to Apache
betaexim - Installs the latest version of exim.
biglogcheck - looks for logs nearing 2 gigabytes in size
bsdcryptoinstall - Installs crypto on FreeBSD.
bsdldconfig - Configures the proper lib directories in FreeBSD.
bsdpkgpingtest - Tests the connection speed for downloading FreeBSD packages.
buildbsdexpect - Install expect on FreeBSD.
buildeximconf - Rebuilds exim.conf.
buildpostgrebsd-dev - Installs postgresql on FreeBSD.
checkbadconf - Checks /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf for bad users.
checkbsdgroups - Checks and repairs proftpd ownership on FreeBSD.
checkccompiler - Checks to make sure the C compiler works on your system.
checkfpkey - Checks for the FrontPage suid key
checkgd - Checks to see if GD is built.
checkinterchange - (Internal use).
checklibssl - Checks to make sure the proper libssl symlinks exist.
checkmaxclients - Checks to see if apache has reached the maximum clients allowed.
checkoldperl - Checks to see if the version of Perl on your system is old.
checkrsync - Checks to make sure rsync is up to date.
checksuexecpatch - Checks to see if mailman has been patched for suexec.
checksuspendpages - Checks to see if suspend pages are properly named.
checkup2date - Makes sure up2date is set up properly (RedHat)
checkyum - Makes sure yum is set up properly.
chkpaths - Makes sure /usr/sbin/chown has a symlink to /bin/chown
chownpublichtmls - Change ownership of all users web space to them, which is useful for converting to suexec. Files owned by nobody are deleted.
chpass - Change password.
ckillall - Allows you to kill a process (used like killall).
ckillall2 - Allows you to kill a process.
cleanbw - Cleans up old bandwidth logs.
cleandns8 - Clean up named.conf.
cleangd - Cleans up old GD installs and reinstalls GD
cleanmd5 - Fix CPAN md5 problems.
cleanmsglog - cleans exim’s msglog
cleanupmysqlprivs - Cleans up improper mySQL privileges.
compilers - Disables the usage of compilers for unprivileged users.
convert2maildir - Converts mail from mbox to maildir format and installs courier impap and pop (cpimap is removed).
courierup - Updates/Installs Courier
cpbackup - Runs backups.
distupgrade - Upgrades RedHat to the newest version (for testing only)
dnscluster - Enables DNS clustering.
dnsqueuecron - Adds a cron job to dump the DNS queue.
dnstransfer - Only if the server has a DNS master (sync with DNS master).
downgradefp - Downgrades FrontPage Extensions (to 5.0-0)
dropmysqldb - Drops a mySQL database.
easyapache - Upgrade Apache
editquota - Change a users quota.
enablechkservdwebmail - Enable service checking of webmaild.
enablefileprotect - Protects home directories if file protection is built in apache.
ensurepkg - Installs a FreeBSD package.
ensurerpm - Installs a rpm.
exim3 - Installs exim 3.
exim4 - Installs exim 4.
exim4-rh73test - Installs exim release #260. (RedHat only)
eximcron - Creates a cron job for exim_tidy_db.
eximlocalsend - Enables/Disables exim local sending.
exim_tidydb - Cleans the exim message log.
eximup - Installs/Updates exim.
fetchgd - Includes
findhacks - Search for common Trojan Horses.
findoddrootprocesses - Lists root processes that may need to be checked out.
findphpversion - Check to see if your php version file is up to date.
findtrojans - Exhaustive Trojan Horse search.
fixallcartswithsuexec - Fixes permissions on carts when using suexec.
fixallinterchangeperm - Fixes permissions on all users’ Interchange Shopping Carts.
fixbinpath - Makes sure all bin file paths are correct.
fixbuggynamed - Updates bind to solve any problems with bugs.
fixcommonproblems - Attempt to fix the most common problems.
fixetchosts - Fixes problems with /etc/hosts
fixeverything - Fix common problems and quotas.
fixfpwml - Fix for .wml errors with frontpage.
fixheaders - Run if nothing compiles errors with .h files on compile.
fixinterchange - Reinstall interchange Perl modules.
fixinterchangeperm - fix permissions on a user’s interchange cart.
fixipsnm - Same as addnetmask ips, but Perl though.
fixlibnet - Reinstall Bundle::libnet (Perl).
fixlocalhostwithphp - Change /etc/hosts to work better with PHP 4.2.0 + MySQL.
fixmailman - Updates and restarts mailman.
fixmailmanwithsuexec -
fixmuse - Reinstalls muse.
fixmysql - Fixes problems with mySQL.
fixmysqlbsd - Fixes problesm with mySQL on FreeBSD.
fixnamed - Updates bind to handle many DNS zones (more than 512).
fixndc - Repair redhat’s broken named.conf on 7.2.
fixoldlistswithsuexec - Run after enabling suexec on the server to change the URLs that Mailman gives out to ones that don’t give a 500 internal server error.
fixperl - Symlink /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl.
fixperlscript - Makes sure a perlscript includes all corresponding modules.
fixpop - Fix a POP account and reset password.
fixproftpdconf - Fixes problems with /usr/local/etc/proftpd.conf
fixproftpddupes - Updates proftpd.
fixquotas - Fix quotas.
fixrndc - Fixes named.conf to prevent rndc staus failed.
fixspamassassinfailedupdate - Reinstalls a failed spamassassin update.
fixsubdomainlogs - Run if subdomain logs don’t show up in cPanel.
fixsuexeccgiscripts - Fix CGI scripts that are broken after suexec installed.
fixvaliases - Fix permisions on valiases.
fixwebalizer - Repair a Webalizer that has stopped updating.
fp3 - Updates the fpexe3 patch.
fpanonuserpatch - Updates FrontPage extensions to include the anonymous user patch.
ftpcheck - Checks for FTPSSL.
ftpquaotacheck - Runs quota checking for all ftp users.
ftpup - Updates your ftp server.
fullhordereset - Resets Horde and displays the current Horde password.
futexfix - Fixes problesm with futex.
futexstartup - Starts futex.
gcc3 - Installs gcc-3.3.3
gencrt - Generate a .crt and .csr file.
grpck - Checks to see if grpck is working properly.
hdparmify - Enable dma/irq/32bit HD access, which speeds up IDE drives.
hdparmon - Turns on hdparm.
initacls - Mounts your file systems with ACL support (make sure your kernel supports ACLs)
initfpsuexec - Enable FrontPage suexec support.
initquotas - Turn on quota support on new drives.
initsslhttpd - Make sure HTTP starts with SSL.
initsuexec - Turn on suexec support if suexec is installed.
installcgipm - Installs
installdbi - Install Bundle::DBD::mysql.
installfpfreebsd - Installs FrontPage 5 Extensions on FreeBSD.
installfpgentoo - Installs FrontPage on Gentoo.
installgd - Builds GD.
installpkg - Installs a FreeBSD package.
installpostgres - Installs PostrgeSQL.
installrpm - Installs a rpm.
installspam - Install SpamAssassin.
installssl - Add a SSL vhost.
installzendopt - Install zend optimzer.
installzendopt-freebsd - Install zend optimizer on a freebsd machine.
isdedicatedip - Checks an ip to see if it is dedicated.
killacct - Delete an account.
killbadrpms - Security script that kills insecure RPMs from the server.
killdns - Delete a DNS zone.
killdrrootvhost - Removes the document root for a virtual host.
killndbm - Remove the broken NDBM_File module from 7.2.
killpvhost - Removes a virtual host from proftpd.conf.
killspamkeys - Removes a spam key.
killsslvhost - Removes a SSL entry for a virtual host.
killvhost - Delete a vhost.
listcheck - Checks mailing lists for issues.
listproblems - Lists common problems.
listsubdomains - List subdomains.
mailperm - Fix almost any mail permission problem.
mailscannerupdate - Updates MailScanner
mailtroubleshoot - Guided mail fix.
makecpphp - Installs php.
makesecondary - Part of DNS transfer.
manualupcp - Updates cPanel manually.
md5crypt - Encrypts a password into MD5.
mseclocal - Sets up Mandrake’s msec to allow exim to run as mailnull.
mysqladduserdb - Create a MySQL databse and user.
mysqlconnectioncheck - Attempts to connect to MySQL, restarts SQL if necessary.
mysqldeluserdb - Delete a MySQL database and user.
mysqlpasswd - Change MySQL password.
mysqlrpmpingtest - Checks your connection speed for downloading mySQL rpms.
mysqlup - Updates mySQL.
ndbmcheck - Checks to see if the nbdm module is loaded (kills in RedHat 7.2)
netftpsslpatch - Patches
newexim - Installs the latest version of exim.
nofsck - Make fsck always use -y
nomodattach - Removes mod_attach from httpd.conf.
nomodauthmysql -Removes mod_auth_mysql from httpd.conf.
nomodbwprotect - Removes mod_bwportect from httpd.conf.
nomodgzipconfmods - Removes mod_gzip from httpd.conf.
nomodperl - Removes mod_perl from httpd.conf.
oldaddoncgi2xaddon - Updates old addons to X addons.
park - Parks a domain.
patcheximconf - Fixes exim.conf.
perlinstaller - Installs perl.
phpini - Create a php.ini file.
pingtest - Checks your download time from cPanel mirrors.
pkgaccount-ala - backs up an Alab*nza account for transfer.
pkgacct-ciXost - backs up a ci*ost account for transfer.
pkgacct-dXm - backs up a d*m account for transfer.
pkgacct-enXim - backs up an en*im account for transfer.
pkgacct-pXa - backs up a p*a account for transfer.
proftpd128 - Installs proftpd-1.2.8.
ptycheck - Fixes permissoins on /dev/ptmx.
pwck -Verifies the integrity of system authentication information.
quickkernel - Updates your kernel.
quicksecure - Quickly kill useless services.
rebuildcpanelsslcrt - Rebuilds the cPanel SSL Certificate.
rebuildcpusers - Rebuilds /var/cpanel/users.
rebuildetcpasswd - Rebuilds /etc/passwd.
rebuildeximbsd - Rebuilds exim on FreeBSD.
rebuildhttpdconffromproftpd - Rebuild httpd.conf from the proftpd.conf file.
rebuildinterchangecfg - Used after moving a domain with Interchange to the server.
rebuildnamedconf - Restore named.conf from files in /var/named.
rebuildproftpd - Restore proftpd.conf from httpd.conf.
reinstallmailman - Reinstalls mailman.
relocatevartousr - Relocates files from /var to /usr in case of disk space issues.
remdefssl - Remove default SSL vhost.
reseteximtodefaults - Resets exim’s default settings.
resetimappasswds - Resets all imap passwords.
resetquotas - Change quotas to what they should be .
restartsrv - Restart a service.
restartsrv_apache - Restart apache.
restartsrv_bind - Restart bind.
restartsrv_clamd - Restart clamd.
restartsrv_courier - Restart courier imap.
restartsrv_cppop - Restart cppop.
restartsrv_entropychat - Restart entropy chat.
restartsrv_exim - Restart exim.
restartsrv_eximstats - Restart exim statistics.
restartsrv_ftpserver - Restart your ftp server.
restartsrv_httpd - Restart httpd.
restartsrv_imap - Restart impad.
restartsrv_inetd - Restart inetd.
restartsrv_interchange - Restart Interchange Shopping Cart.
restartsrv_melange - Restart melange chat.
restartsrv_mysql - Restart mysqld.
restartsrv_named - Restart named.
restartsrv_postgres - Restart postgresql.
restartsrv_postgresql - Restart postgresql.
restartsrv_proftpd - Restart proftpd.
restartsrv_pureftpd - Restart pure-ftpd.
restartsrv_spamd - Restart spamd.
restartsrv_sshd - Restart sshd.
restartsrv_syslogd - Restart syslogd.
restartsrv_tomcat - Restart tomcat.
restartsrv_xinetd - Restart xinetd.
restoremail - Restores a user’s mail.
reswhostmgr - Restart whostmgr.
rpmup - Upgrade redhat/mandrake errata/security.
rrdtoolinstall - Installs RRD Tool.
runstatsonce - Runs statistics (should be used from the crontab).
runweblogs - Run analog/webalizer/etc. for a user.
safeperlinstaller - Installs perl safely.
safeup2date - Runs up2date safely.
safeyum - Runs yum safely.
secureit - Remove unnecessary suid binaries.
securemysql - Attempts to secure the MySQL configuration.
securetmp - Adds securetmp to system startup.
setupfp - Install FrontPage 3 on an account.
setupfp4 - Install FrontPage 4 (2000) installer on an account.
setupfp5 - Install FrontPage 5 (2002) installer on an account.
setupfp5.nosueuxec - Install FrontPage 5 (2002) installer on an account when not using suexec.
showexelist - Shows exe processes.
simpleps - Display the process list.
smartcheck - Checks hard drive integrity.
smtpmailgdionly - Enables SMTP Mail Protection.
spamboxdisable - Disables SpamAssassin’s spambox delivery for all accounts.
suspendacct - Suspends an account.
sysup - update cPanel RPMs.
unlimitnamed - Installs the latest version of bind patched to support greater than 512 ips on the server.
unblockip - Unblocks an IP blocked by portsentry.
unsetupfp4 - Removes FrontPage 4 or 5 from an account.
unslavenamedconf - If the user accidentally sets a DNS master as local server, this will repair named.conf after the loop.
unsuspendacct - Unsuspends an account.
upcp - Updates cPanel.
updated - Updates /scripts.
updatefrontpage - Updates FrontPage
updatenow - Updates /scripts NOW.
updatephpconf - Updates PHP configuration files.
whoowns - Finds out who owns a domain.
wwwacct - Creates an account.
xaddonreport - Reports the current addon scripts installed.

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