Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Showing unlimted quota in WHM(VPS)!! or /scripts/fixauotas results 'No filesystems with quota detected '

This is neither a cPanel nor a Virtuozzo issue.

You should check whether your user/group quotas are enabled or not :


vzquota stat 101 -t

resource usage softlimit hardlimit grace
1k-blocks 14929508 51200000 51200000
inodes 222034 400000 440000

User/group quota: off,inactive
Ugids: loaded 0, total 0, limit 0
Ugid limit was exceeded: no

Enable quotas over Virtuozzo. If there are hardware or other
problems who prevent this setting do it manually:

vi /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/101.conf

change QUOTAUGIDLIMIT="0" to QUOTAUGIDLIMIT="3000" (QUOTAUGIDLIMIT > This is used for tracking quote for all your files in the system)

restart VPS. Done.

Login to the VPS (VEID) and run /scripts/fixquotas

Problem should be solved.


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